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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Commercial (A-901) Solid Waste Transporters

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires ALL solid, medical and hazardous waste transporters to register with the DEP prior to picking up, transporting or disposing of waste in New Jersey.

Furthermore, Brokers engaged in the waste business are also required to be licensed with the DEP. Waste Brokers and companies hauling waste generated by another person are required to obtain an A-901 license. Disclosure Statements must be submitted to the Division of Law, and the DEP must grant A-901 approval. The applicant must also obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN). Transporters must then file a registration statement to obtain decals.

Only those solid waste transporters who filed their Disclosure Statements, met the Solid Waste Licensing requirements, and passed an Integrity Review by the New Jersey State Police and Attorney General's Office receive an approval to transport solid waste in New Jersey.
Solid Waste Transporters are regulated in the State of New Jersey when they collect and/or dispose of discarded waste from; stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, private or public buildings etc.

Solid Waste Transporters are not to be confused with Self Generators, which are companies that exclusively haul waste generated as a result of their business. More information on Self Generators can be found here.

Forms and Additional Information
Forms necessary to obtain A-901 approval
Leases are required when requesting decals for equipment not owned by registrant 
New applicants must complete the Initial Registration Form 
Use form to update address and contact information 
Origin and Disposal Form to be completed by the Transporter PRIOR to transport to the disposal site 
For information regarding the Certificate for Public Convenience and Necessity
Online Services
Requests for additional decals, decal replacements, updated cab card, and replacement cab cards are submitted using an online service:
• Click HERE if you have 30 or less vehicles
• Click HERE if you have 31 or more vehicles and already have an NJDEP Online account
• Click HERE to create an NJDEP Online account


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